Apophis: MX64/MX28 Quad

RoboGames 2023 is coming up and I decided to post some info on Apophis. I’m one of the club members of the RTEAM robotics club where we’ve run Mech Warfare for the last couple of years.

Apophis has competed at RoboGames 2016, RoboGames 2017, RoboGames 2018, and MFBA 2019 (different name but it was essentially Apophis during MFBA 2019). Over the years it’s more or less looked different every year. Apophis started it life as a 3DOF Quad with AX-12 and has been upgraded to MX28 and MX64.

Overall Apophis has always tried to be a reliable mech where it mostly sticks to the basics. Being able to walk and shoot at opponents without a lot of extra bells and whistles.

For 2023 RoboGames, the goal of the design was to try have the walking and turret/gun as two independent systems. This is mostly so I can upgrade each separately in the future and reducing the number of wires between the two.

Also posting a pre qualification video here for RoboGames 2023:


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