Bay Area Maker Faire

I received an email from Bay Area Maker Faire and they are back on and wanted to know if Mechwarfare was interested in participating at this year’s 2023 fair. The timeline is pretty short, the weekends of Oct. 13-15th and 20-22nd. We would probably only participate for one weekend, most likely the 20-22nd weekend as that weekend’s theme is robots.

The last (and only) time Mechwarfare participated at a Maker Faire was the 2019 Bay Area Faire and it was a lot of fun. Please let me know if there is interest before we commit to the 2023 Faire.

Oh, man, I really need to make that happen. I wonder if I can schedule some vacation or something to get in shape …

So we talked it over at this weekends club meeting as well as posted on the discord channel. Most people are in the state of the MEch being torn apart and were a maybe. We decided we will forgo Bay Area Maker Faire for 2023 but maybe try it in 2024. Maybe two events, both Robogames and the Bay Area Faire (if both happen).

That makes sense for the situation :slight_smile:

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