GS Marauder - XM430 Quad

With no main Mech Warfare event this spring, all the enforced social distancing, and reduced commute time, I 'm taking advantage of the extra time to rebuild GS Marauder.

I started off thinking I would just add some “bling” to it, since Immortal was such a big hit with the crowds at last years Bay Area Maker Faire, but am ending up essentially rebuilding the whole Mech. I’m reusing all the main design features, hopper, loader, gun, electronics, etc… just repackaging them into what hopefully will be a stylish new package.

I’ve lengthened the legs, so it moves faster (can’t have Malum out running me), but I’m sure once I add on all the armor and body plates, it will be a net zero gain.

On my old mech '99, I experimented with dual guns, but with the extra weight on the AX12s and the fact that my gun shoots fast enough anyway (4-5 shots/sec), I abandoned it. I intend to revisit it on my new incarnation of GS Marauder.

Also, several of us at RTeam are experimenting with auto target tracking (once again inspired by Immortal). As mentioned in one of the Trossen Forum posts, we added an IR beacon on our last redesign of the target plates to aid in the tracking process. We’ll keep everyone posted on our progress and details so if anyone else wants to implement they can as well.

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Sure you can :slight_smile:
How are you finding the XM430s?

They seem to be working out fine. I was using them at MFBA 2019 and was real pleased with their performance.

Have had no real issues with them except when I first got them they did a firmware update when I wasn’t paying attention. All 12 were plugged in at the same time during the updated and it bricked 2 of them (plus an XL430 ). Had to send them back to Robotis US, which they sent to Robotis Korea. It was all resolved successfully with no charge to me. It was just a couple month process. Since then no issues.

The mounting method is also not quite as convenient as the AX-12s (or other older models of dynamixels) which I was initially annoyed with but have gotten over. I just ended up printing me some 3D brackets that work out OK.

Oh… and they also have some BB dents in their metal housings after MFBA. Not sure who to blame that one on. You’ll notice the leg armor on my updated design.

That looks slick! I am glad Immortal has helped inspire you. I am afraid of what you are going to come up with auto targeting though.

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Looks really great! Have you piloted it against another mech yet?

Oh, yes, he did great in last Bay Area Maker Faire :slight_smile:

Didn’t R-Team have a Mech Brawl after MFBA? Also, that Marauder looks a bit upgraded from the one I saw in back in the Spring of 2019. It seems like so long ago. jwatte, did you make it to the last Mech Brawl?

Yes we did have a Mech Brawl last December. It seems like so long ago now. We held it in a local library conference room. The room was made for Mech Brawl. Large room with tall ceilings. Tables around the edges with plenty of power outlets. Able to drive up right near the entrance. It was free and they were glad to have us there so they could justify the room’s existence. Couldn’t ask for much more. Sure beats my garage. We were planning to have events schedule there more regularly… until the Covid Apocalypse happened.

I competed with my old version of GS Marauder at the Mech Brawl. I took first, Nomad took second, and Odin took third.

We also had three more club Mech '99 clones in the work, that have been put on pause for now. We were hoping to have a '99 Rookie brawl at the library before the Phoenix FanFusion Mech event… which has been cancelled (at least for the foreseeable future).

As for my upgraded GS Marauder, Ive been busy applying artwork to it. And on the practical side, it moves much quicker now.

Also have a prototype stabilized, tracking turret in the works. It uses the IR beacon on the target plates and a Pixy Cam with a visible light filter. It seems to track reliably out to 15+ feet, at least in my living room. Not sure how well it will work in an open arena with sunlight pouring in. In the process of spinning the prototype boards into a single board now.

And no, sadly have not been able to try it out on any other Mechs. We’ve all been sticking to the self isolation.

And here’s a rough pic of my in-work turret:

I assume that monstrosity above the barrel is your auto targeting system but I wish it was a missile pod!

Oh, joy! I think I may have to turn up the max speed on my servos then …

Looks like one – that’s good enough, right?

I really like the looks of these 'mechs. Puts my utilitarian frame to shame.