Light Mech Target Plate Configurations

I’m working on a light mech right know, and I’m trying to figure out where I’m mounting the 4 half target plates. Is it legal to have, for example, the front/back plates vertical and side plates horizontal, or must they all be the same orientation?

The rule I’m really looking at with is, “Light Mechs will carry one half size plate on each side of the robot mounted in a vertical or horizontal orientation.”

The rules as written don’t seem to forbid having some plates vertical and some horizontal, but is there any reason this would be frowned upon, as long as I’m not creating a defensive advantage?

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It sounds to me as if you can mount them either way, if that’s what your mechanics require. As long as they are easy to aim at and hit.

Bonus points if you mount them so low that they bump into the ground and accidentally trigger themselves, or with so much spacing that strafing into a building also triggers them. :slight_smile: (Don’t ask me how I know)

Thanks for the input. I’ll keep those tips in mind, light mechs are low on real estate.

Your good to mount them in whatever orientation you like.

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