Looks like Trossen is down

The original Trossen Robotics forums seem down.
Given that there’s been no action there forever, perhaps not surprising, but a little sad.

Forums have been down for many months now. Definitely sad, but not surprising. Hoping I will soon have a new long-term supply of meds to again become functional enough to restart work on Ripley’s gait engine. Fluffenstein’s monster was finally put to sleep on Wed night due to kidney failure at ~13 years old, so one less emotional drain on my crappy brain.

Also thinking I will get more AX-12 to build out a second chassis and let a certain coworker take a crack at programming gaits. My 3D printer still sucks at PLA but does TPU nicely and I’ve now also got a cheap diode laser cutter, so lots of options for general bot construction and/or compliant actuators…

Since the boss is going for B-corp status, the community engagement requirements might get a local MW group partly subsidized… Not enough room at the new building for a closed circuit PRS course, but maybe sponsor one at UGA Engineering…

Still trying to work myself into the state of mind required to order a few thousand dollars of steel and freight shipping for building the bigger welded rover projects that have been on hold for years.

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