Mech Warfare Bay Area Maker Faire Results

By GhengisDhon from the old forums:

Here are the Final Results for Mech Warfare @ Maker Faire 2019:

Rookie League
Gold: Domino - RTeam
Silver: Airpod - Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club
Bronze: Sarge - West Point

Veteran League
Gold: Nomad - RTeam
Silver: '99 - RTeam
Bronze: GS Marauder - Rteam

Speed Racer: '99 RTeam
Sharp Shooter: GS Marauder - RTeam

Misc Awards:
Fan Favorite: Immortal - Cire Robotics (for one awesome looking Mech)
Top Collegiate: Airpod - Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club
Arena Terror: Malum - Onyx Robotics (for most mass destruction in the Arena)
Innovation: Super Mega Microbot Junior - mjbots (for mammal gate, stabilized turret, image tracking, and homegrown actuation)

And best of all… Mech Warfare received three Editor’s Choice Awards!

On the Trossen Forums, giantflaw mentioned we will be having a local event in July called MegaMania. I think he oversold it a bit though. Its an afternoon event at a local library. It was a lot of fun for us locals, but it’s rather small to have to travel to.

However, I would like to find a larger event in the fall maybe. I’ve been keeping and eye on the MFBA site and it states:

“Maker Faire Bay Area will not be held this May in 2020. Numerous factors including the potential impact of coronavirus as well as the transition last summer of Maker Media to Make: Community have influenced this decision. We have looked at dates for Maker Faire Bay Area in the Fall but we won’t decide to go ahead with an event until we can evaluate the impact and implications of this situation.”

So I’m holding out a little hope that MFBA will happen in Fall of 2020. If not, we are open to other suggestions, if people have ideas.

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