Nomad : AX-18 Quad

Not my robot but wanted to post some recent pictures of Nomad and Pre Qualification Video for RoboGames 2023.

Nomad is one of the older Mechs in the RTEAM club and has many competitions and wins under its belt. One of Nomad’s favorite tactics is long range sniping and it often gets the jump on its opponents taking an early lead. Its dual camera system makes it not easy to sneak up on as well. Nomad can be unreliable at times and mechanical breakdowns have lost it more than one match. Nomad has recently undergone actuator upgrades to keep pace with the speed upgrades of other club Mechs.

Weight: 4.6 pounds
Weaponry: Single AEG Airsoft Rifle
Capacity: 230 rounds, 6mm airsoft BB
BB Velocity: ~150 fps
Computer: N/A
​Construction: Hand bent aluminum sheeting
Actuation: Dynamixel AX-18
Video System: Dual 5.8GHz Cameras w Diversity Receiver Monitors
​Controller: Custom Dual Screen/Dual Joystick Integrated Controller
Gait: PyPose Based

2013 Robogames MechWarfare, Silver
2015 Tucson Mech Brawl Competitor
2016 Robogames Mech Warfare Competitor
2016 Tucson Mech Brawl, 1st Place
2017 Robogames Mech Warfare, Silver
2018 Robogames Mech Warfare, Gold
2018 Tucson Mech Brawl, 2nd Place
2019 Maker Faire Bay Area, Veteran League Gold

Pre-qualification video for RoboGames 2023:

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I wish I could get my revenge!
Sadly, work has been super busy and I don’t think I can make it this year.
(I mean, busy is good, overall, but bad for my robot.)

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